Hypnocell® is a neuroscience based method of hypnosis designed to retrain the mind and body in order to regain control over life, health and wellbeing. 

It has been designed by Dr. Lucy Coleman, and it is classified as a mind-body program for cellular regeneration and neuroplasticity. 

Dr. Lucy Coleman is a Medical Doctor (MD), specialist in High Complexity Human Reproduction, Fertility and Embryology. She is recognised in the field of reproductive and regenerative medicine. Her research in the field of integrative methods started several years ago when she began the quest to heal her own neurological disease diagnosed as chronic and disabling. Today she is healthy and free from that disease.

Trained with Dr. Brian Weiss in past-life regression at Omega Institute (New York).

Currently work as a Senior Clinical Embryologist and Scientific Director in Fertiaguerrevere Fertility, and provides guidance for patients through video-conferences and workshops around the World. She is a respected researcher and clinician.

 Dr. Coleman has been using the Hypnocell® with online and in person sessions. The results are very encouraging.


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Check her current work at www.LifeBossHealth.com