There is a significant increase in the number of people having problems to conceive. This number is expected to rise in the upcoming years.

Approximately 25% couples planning to have a baby are experiencing problems to conceive.

Some couples looking to conceive naturally try one to three years before seeking medical advice and treatment.

Approximately 30% of couples getting medical treatment have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, for which science can offer no explanation.

There is an increased number of men and women delaying having a baby, and the age to conceive has been going up. There is an inclination for women over 35 to get pregnant.

One in three women over 35 will experience difficulty conceiving, and sperm counts in males are more than halved in the last 50 years.

Males with trouble conceiving and report distress as a result showed lower sperm quality when re-tested a year later.

Studies reported in the last years concluded that stress influences sperm quality.

Hypnosis based on imagery, and relaxation strategies have been successful in facilitating pregnancy.

A 2006 research made in Israel found that 28% of women in a group that were hypnotised became pregnant compared to 14% of those who were not hypnotised (Levitas, Parmel, Lunnenfeld, Burstein, Friger, Bentov, Potashnik. Impact of hypnosis during embryo transfer on the outcome of in-vitro fertilisation and embryo transfer: a case control study. Fertility and sterility, 85, 5, 8. 2016).

During hypnosis human genes must be in a state of readiness for conception to take place. Hypnotic-type suggestions can activate specific genes.

Hypnotherapy has become an important tool used to identify and process roadblocks and fears that may be preventing fertility.

Psychological distress may impair fertility, and depressive symptoms may reduce the efficiency of infertility treatments, and have a significant impact on the success rates of in vitro fertilisation.

Researchers have concluded that success rates of high complexity fertility treatments can be adversely affected by psychological stress.



boton-copiaThese fertility meditations have been carefully designed to leave a fingerprint into the cells to reproduce and get healthier. They provide with the needed tools to increase the chances of success, and to boost your body for the right healthy response.They have been designed and narrated by a physician expert in the field of human reproduction and embryology. Dr. Lucy knows exactly how to communicate with the cells involved in reproduction, and the best and long-lasting way to get the message to get deeply imprinted. This way the journey through reproduction and pregnancy becomes healthier.

boton-copiaAll this journey involves worries, stress, anxieties, that most times are just merely caused by fear of the unknown, or guilt of having to go through the whole process. Using these meditations and the affirmations, and working together with the inner mind, doubts will become clear, and questions to your scientific/medical team would be addressed and handled properly.

Fertility Meditation’s Preview:

This is a recording preview of how the meditation will be played.
Narrated by Dr. Lucy Coleman herself.

boton-copiaVisualisation is a key component of each meditation, and will be easily followed by the guidance of making your conscious thoughts to quiet so your mind can relax and follow the instructions and directions to establish the needed connexion between your mind and your body (represented by the responding/receiver cells).These techniques of relaxation, meditation, visualisation, and hypnosis have been used by Dr. Coleman with her patients, and there has been an increased in the success rate showed with healthy live borns in the last years.

boton-copiaThe music is a compliment of the technique. It has been chosen based on the type of exercise performed.
While listening to this meditation Reiki will be received, as there is a healing energy set on the intention of the recordings. The form of energy will be channeled directly by you once your mind is still and relaxed to receive the healing property. Music courtesy of www.bensound.com.


There are three fertility meditations available for purchase, of about 20-25 mins length each, carefully designed to go deep into your subconscious and increase the chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy.

How many times we asked ourselves if we are going to be able to conceive a healthy baby and when?

Have you found yourself being anxious and sad because the goal of having your baby seems difficult?

Do you think sometimes people do not understand what you are going through and they underestimate your feelings about this issue?

Are you sometimes ashamed that you are reproductively challenged?

Do you feel something must be very wrong in the world that many people who should not have babies have them, and those who really want them and should have them are faced with so many difficulties to have them?

Well, these and many other questions are very common among fertility patients, and it can be hard to face the challenges and the several obstacles leading you to the road of success, because you believe this time it’s up to your body to do the job, not up to your mind.

We tend to think when something is wrong with our health, that we need to rest and do the body do its job of healing.

We believe we have no control over our health.

What if I told you that your mind is able to improve your overall health? And it’s not just the body’s job to get better and respond to the treatments you need?

What if your mind can command your cells involved in the reproductive system to start working properly and improve, so you can conceive and have a normal and healthy pregnancy?

Have you considered the possibility that your mind is capable of so much that we sometimes underestimate its power?

Our mind is capable of working alongside each single cell of the body, and pass the information needed to increase pregnancy rates and reduce psychological stress.

It is possible that all the information we posses on our DNA can change by the sole use of our mind.

However it is not an easy task.

Believe me, I have been researching this for years now.

Fortunately I decided to study the mind closely, to pay more attention at the several processes happening there. And the best technique I found to go deep inside the subconscious (the place where magic lies) was through Hypnosis.

Hypnocell® was carefully designed to go deep into the subconscious and implant the initial intended thought you were supposed to have from the beginning, and leave it there. It works alongside your traumas, fears, past experiences, and gets the best from them, in a way that is easily understood by the conscious mind.


Thoughts are powerful tools our mind creates and uses to cause an effect, desired or not, good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant. Our thoughts are always present and have a huge influence in our lives. We have about 70,000 thoughts each day.

That is the reason why positive affirmations and visualisations work so well with our mind. Our thoughts can be changed and become influenced with positive ones.

That’s the way how this program works. You will find yourself being more optimistic and having more positive thoughts than negative ones. That will have a direct influence in your cells, and the hormonal imbalances, and DNA alterations in your germ cells. You will feel healthier. 

 Hypnocell’s® 3 fertility meditation is a great way to relax, work alongside your thoughts and mind, and to integrate visualisations and positive affirmations into your subconscious to re-program the cells involved in reproduction.

Every step of the way you will be guided with my voice, and will receive messages directed to change any blockages causing you disruption into your system.

Allow the changes to happen. Believe they will be effective, and long-lasting.

Become part of the increasing number of people getting the benefits of this Hypnocell® program.

Each meditation can be purchased separately or together with the bundle discounted price.

  • Pricing: $24.99 bundle
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  • Duration: 68:88 minutes total




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