Hypnocell® is an innovative neuroscience based method designed by Dr. Lucy Coleman. It uses hypnosis to retrain the mind and body to regain control over life, health and wellbeing. The method has four steps including the recognition of the root seeds, release of the impact of the roots, cellular regeneration with cellular command, and reinforcing of the re-stablished code 2.0. 


The technique is focused in the most important components: Mind, Body, Energy.


Dr. Coleman has used this method for the past years with encouraging results in the improvement of stress, phobias,insomnia, chronic illness, grief, fears, traumas and pain. People have manifested a remarkable improvement after several weeks of the use of the method. The neuroplasticity and mindset change prove as positive indicators for a long -term effect achieved. 



Energy as the link

All humans are filled with amounts of energy used to live, reproduce, grow,  breathe, and perform our-day-to-day activities. It is the fuel to keep going every day. This energy has different levels of complexities. In sickness there is an increased usage of energy, even when the energy is perceived as being low, because it has been used in big amounts by the immune system to fight the disease off.

This might cause imbalances manifested by tiredness, anxiety, and malaise.

hypnosis channels the patient’s energy to be used as a link to re-connect mind and body together. it needs to be balanced.

If energy gets unbalanced the link is broken and disease starts building up gradually affecting the cells and causing deterioration.  This energy has the capacity to transform lives and find a balanced health if used correctly.

“Everyone desires more energy. If energy could be packed and sold in a shop, it would be the most successful business ever”. – Doug Hayward.

With energy under control, the mind work in mysterious ways.

The most relevant information has been stored in an area of the mind called the subconscious, and there are no many ways to access it.

Hypnocell® has been designed to go directly to the subconscious through hypnosis and locate, change, retrieve, and reinforce the information involved on the intended transformation ( neuroplasticity).

Understanding the way the mind works allows for the discovery of inner memories and imprints that might have been forgotten consciously over time. Once getting there through hypnosis it is possible to obtain information, implant positive affirmations and set healthy habits.

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With the combination of the study of Reproductive Medicine, Embryology, Hypnosis, Reiki and yoga  I was able to understand the most important elements that are required for a sustainable and healthy life. I created this method using integrative self-healing and improvement of important areas of life such as health, personal growth, empowerment, self-knowledge, confidence, creativity, and self-love. The goal is nothing less than to attain the integrity of wellbeing and a balanced lifestyle. This demands openness, believe, trust, honesty, habit and sustained application, forgiveness, and above all love in your heart” – Dr. Lucy Coleman.

There is a journey to get to the Core and reveal the hidden contents. It can be scary because involves daily physical and mental practice facing truths. Not everyone accepts truth that easy. 



The cells create pathways connecting information with responses. It is the cause and effect phenomena. Information flows directly into a set of receptive cells that will produce a reaction.

If the information comes from experiences of trauma, fear or negative emotions, the effect translates as negative. When information comes from positive experiences, happiness, empowerment and conviction, the effect translates as positive.

The pathways can be found with practice and a habit of connecting with the mind control powers involved on these reactions. Daily long meditations and hypnosis offer keys to enter and locate these pathways. 

“In healthy organisms feelings should pass like clouds over the sun. But when feelings get anchored by thought into our memory, they become emotions, which are no longer related to the moment but to the past. These negative emotions can poison our whole being for months, years, and even for the rest of our lives”


Your conscious mind is what most people associate with who you are, because it forms your personality.

The conscious mind communicates to the outside world and the inner self through speech, pictures, writing, physical movement, and thought.


The subconscious is the storage of the most valuable information, your memories and experiences. However, its access is limited.

Your conscious mind is a bit like the captain of a ship standing on the bridge giving orders. In reality it’s the crew in the engine room below deck (the subconscious and the deeper unconscious) carrying out the orders. The captain may be in charge of the ship giving orders but its the crew that actually guides the ship.


The unconscious mind is the storehouse of all memories and past experiences, both those that have been repressed through trauma and have simply been consciously forgotten and no longer important to us. It’s from these memories and experiences that our beliefs, habits, and behaviors are formed.


The unconscious constantly communicates with the conscious mind via the subconscious, and is what provides us with the meaning to all our interactions with the world, with who we are and what we “really” want. It communicates through feelings, emotions, imagination, sensations, and dreams.

Hypnocell® is the technique providing the tools to enter those areas, but you are the one with direct access.

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Memory is useless if it brings repetition from the past, because it means living in memory. And that is exactly what happens to every single cell in our body, they live in memories and may get stuck unable to move forward. They receive information of realities filled with negative emotions like fear, anger, frustration, rejection, abandonment, lust, worry, loneliness, sadness, and stress on a constant basis over the years.

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Hypnosis is discouraged for people diagnosed with psychiatric diseases, psychosis or epilepsy, or that are currently using medications that impair their attention. Also people with borderline personality disorder, dissociative disorders, or with history of profound abuse.

This technique is no medical or clinical. It is advisable if you are under care of a physician to ask permission to get hypnosis, and if possible to prove by a written message that your doctor finds no contraindication for you to use hypnosis.

No drugs or prescriptions are used with these techniques and methods.

The information contained on this website is by no means to be intended, nor should it be construed, as medical advice. While it is important to be an educated consumer, please consult your doctor for medical advice related to your case if there are not contraindications for your to receive this method.

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