Hypno Weight Control


The average American now carries 23 extra pounds.

Heart disease and stroke will claim the lives of 460,000 American woman.

Diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, osteoporosis, arterial sclerosis, cancer, autoimmune disease, prostate cancer are among the very frequent diseases found on people today, and they have a strong association with obesity.

We have unprecedented amount of type 2 diabetes in our children, and we are starting to see hypertension.

This should serve as a wake-up call.

We have a growing problem that does not seem to be decreasing.

No less than 40% of American today are obese, and about half of us are taking some form of prescription drug.

The best known statin drug Lipitor, is the most prescribed ever drug in the world.

Every minute a person in the U.S is killed by heart disease.

Heart disease kills over 600,000 people a year.

1,500 people a day die from cancer.

Combined these two diseases kill over 1 million people every year.

Cases of diabetes are skyrocketing, particularly among our younger population.

Millions of us are stimulated by sugar, energy drinks, coffee, and we constantly find more non-healthy ways to mask our chronic fatigue.

Is it possible to solve these problems?

Did you know there is A solution so comprehensive, and so straightforward, that is mind-boggling that any of us have not taken it seriously?

A growing number of research claims that if we eliminate, or greatly reduce, refined-processed, and animal based foods, we can prevent and in certain cases even reverse several of our worst diseases.

It seems too simple to be true!

Hippocrates said: Let food be my medicine.

Consuming foods that come mainly from whole, minimally refined plants, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes, and greatly reducing the intake of red meat, processed foods, refined sugars and bleached flour.

There is an enormous amount of people having difficulties making the right healthy choices. In most cases it is about feeling the need to overeat.

The mind can be retrain to chose healthy foods over those that are not right for the health and metabolism, and to keep pushing the boundaries of the needs for cravings. 


Hypnosis is capable to go deep into the subconscious, bypassing the conscious barrier and increasing the opportunity windows for lifestyle habits and nutrition. It will establish a new mindset.


Hypnocell® mastered a technique to control weight gain, and increase weight loss by decreasing cravings, increasing the need for exercise and good nutrition, and regulating the metabolism.


People might seek help from the most experienced professional nutritionist, but if the subconscious does not give the command for change, it won’t happen permanently.

People might see a temporary improvement in their weight and overall health that in a few weeks or months will fireback with even more cravings and weight gain. 


Once the message gets into the subconscious, the inner changes will remain for most of the person’s life until it becomes a new reality. 



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