When your brain’s emotional equipment needs a tune-up, you get cues: you don’t sleep well, you worry too much, you start feeling overwhelmed, you lose your enthusiasm or your ability to concentrate.

You might also start depending on chocolate, wine, or marijuana to get some relief.

If you are experiencing these kinds of symptoms frequently, you may just come to accept them, assuming them simply to be unfortunate features of your basic personality.

But chances are you are wrong.

Now you have an opportunity to discover your true emotional nature.

Your brain is responsible for most of your feelings, both true and false.

Fortunately, the emotional tune-up that we need so badly now is readily available.

In fact, the repair tools we need for this crucial effort are shockingly simple.

It is important to have a well-balanced diet together with a balanced lifestyle. If these are disrupted the body does not get the right nutrients to have a balanced mood.

Mood is the crucial targeted element once something happens to be disrupted in the body.

It can bring different emotions, that usually tend to be negative ones, and consequently self-esteem seems to be affected.

When we are put on the spot for some situations that we might perceive to be to much, and the outcome is not what we knew and thought it could be, then self-esteem is affected, bringing out other feelings of frustration and anxiety, that will be detrimental and contribute to keep lowering even more the way we perceive ourselves to be.

The world today has many components that will affect the emotions directly. Internet and social media can be a huge contributor of a distorted vision of reality.

Today almost every person posting photos or comments on social media, make an effort to show a happy, fulfilled lifestyle, surrounded by friends, and loved ones, when the reality is completely different.

That person might be dealing with serious issues of low-selfsteem and get validations of how life could be if what they are posting were true. In most cases is not.





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