Brain Cells and Deep Space

Hypnocell® uses the technique of hypnosis Cellular Command©, which is part of the program of the PATH foundation at the Texas Hypnosis Institute. This is a technique that involves important preliminary steps in order to achieve the successful cellular command. First the cellular release needs to be accomplished in order for the subconscious to remove the past memory, thought, idea, belief, or any other root causing the current problem. This root needs to be removed, then the empty space filled with positive suggestions, and then the magic happens once is possible to access the cells on a deeper level to improve, change, modify or restore them to their intended healthy functioning.


It is a process that might take a day, a week, even months, but once is achieve the benefits will be long-lasting, and even permanent.


Hypnosis can go deep into the subconscious and work wonders, but it takes both collaboration of the person and the hypnotherapist in order to get the real change. The conscious mind will always be present, but not taking part in the process, because it does not need to. Although the person will always be aware of everything happening during the session. But the fact the conscious mind is not participating makes it easier to revive and remember all the roots of the problem at the subconscious level, but this can be painful and traumatic if the conscious mind is aware. For this reason the hypnotherapist uses hypnosis to bypass the conscious mind, and work only at the level of the subconscious mind.


Almost every technique of Hypnocell® uses Cellular Command© and Cellular Release©, and both therapies are part of PATH Foundation.

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