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I was lost with several problems and difficulties at work and personal issues too. I found Dr. Lucy finishing her studies of hypnosis and asked her if she could do some work with me to calm my depression. She did hypnosis on me twice. The same day I had my first hypnosis session I was amazed of how different my body felt. It was like a leaf floating with the air. It felt different and special. After the second session we were in business. I could even continue working as an assistant, and my boss noted a huge difference in my performance. I am so grateful with all the work we did together. Now I continue with my program monthly, and my life is better than ever. Even found a new person in my life who really appreciates me. We love each other and I feel completed. Many thanks for everything.

Kathy B.-Houston, TX


I’ve been struggling with rheumatoid arthritis for years, and using every kind of treatments available because after a few months my body seemed to get some form of resistance to the medication, and needed to change it several times. This was really difficult for me. I’ve heard of Dr. Coleman because a friend went to her hypnosis program for fertility issues. She looks so young, but at the time time is like being talking to a person who is 100 years old. She spent time listening to me (and I needed to be listened), and recommended to do a few sessions of cellular release. After two sessions I found a huge improvement in my life and health. My body was not feeling as weak as usual, and the side effects of all the medications seems to be reduced. I also consulted my doctor and he is impressed because I have not changed my medication. I remember going through a few issues from my infancy during the sessions. Apparently that has a lot to do with my present problems. I am glad to have met Dr. Coleman, and thanks for being so patient with me all this time.

Gregg T.-Atlanta, GA


My fertility issues made me become a though and harsh person. After 9 failed IVF attempts my husband and I gave up, and were actually looking to adopt a child. We heard of Dr. Coleman from a friend she treated in LA a year ago. But it was very difficult to get an appointment with her because she is always travelling. We made arrangements and went to see her in Caracas (despite the country has many issues right now). We had a great time, and she was amazing. She listened to us for an hour. We had a lot to say. And she recommended us to have separate hypnosis sessions with deep meditation and Reiki. We did it for three weeks and came back to Arizona. I felt it could be a good time to try a last time with IVF. We had a last attempt and now I am 10 weeks pregnant. My pregnancy is going very well, and i feel so confident that my body will respond perfectly well, that I am not scared anymore. She gave me that confidence, and she did something to my body that really healed whatever issue was going on there. I felt so much energy during her sessions, and is difficult to describe it. Many thanks for what you did for me Dr. Lucy. Ted and I will always be grateful with you and your guidance.

Ruth V.-Mesa, AZ


I have stage II lung cancer. It was diagnosed on January. I was devastated and completely upset with life and whatever destiny or decisions the universe makes. My sister recommended me to seek help outside of the western medical scope. She heard of Dr. Coleman’s endeavours, and she was finishing her hypnosis certification in Houston after completing also Dr. Brian Weiss past life regression training. I found it odd that someone who is a medical doctor decided to take those certifications and take a different path. But my disease and prognosis forced me to be open and try something different. My sister lives in Houston and I went there to visit and to meet Dr. Coleman. I was impressed of how young she is, but she was very sweet and understanding. She knew I was desperate, and offer to practice her hypnosis for oncology method on me. I was honestly a bit sceptical at the beginning, but then started to feel something going on from the top of my head to my toes. I can’t describe it, but it was some form of energy. I felt healthy and if my cells were working together to cure themselves.

We spent two and a half hours working together the first time, and the second and third time two hours each. I was filled with an energy form I can’t describe.

My doctors decrease the amount of treatments, I have more energy, and I am even going back to work. There something different in my body. I am sure it will last, and I will feel a lot better in the future. And the cancer cells are losing this battle against me. I am strong. Many thanks to Dr. Lucy for her huge work, and for giving me this confidence I now posses.

Antonio (Tony) A, Houston – TX


Writing this review is not easy for me because to describe Dr. Lucy is like trying to describe something that has no words. She is awesome. I have had six hypnosis sessions with her, face to face and by phone. She saved my life when I felt confused and lost, and the depression was invading my whole being. I now understand my lack of clarity and focus to move forward, and to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Each session with her was better and better. I felt elevated to a whole new level. Today I am a different person, and more confident.

Gretta V, State College – PA


La Dra. Coleman me entregó lo mas preciado que he podido tener que es a mi hijo. Gracias a ella y sus terapias y consejos pude lograr quedar embarazada, después de tantos años intentándolo, y de muchas lágrimas de dolor y frustraciones, y médicos que nunca nos entendieron. Cuando llegué a la Dra. Coleman todo cambió. Ella nos hizo cambiar muchas cosas, y realizar un régimen de ejercicios, nutrición, yoga y finalmente hipnosis, y pude quedar embarazada cuando todo el mundo me decía que ya no era posible. Viajé desde muy lejos para siempre ir a sus consultas cuando ella esta en Venezuela, y pude ser parte de sus pacientes que reciben sus terapias de meditación, yoga y de hipnosis. Me siento afortunada y siempre agradecida con la ayuda tan personal y distinta que nos ofreció.

Norma V, Cali – Colombia


Agradecidos con usted mi doctora bella por su profesionalismo y especialmente por todo el apoyo emocional y espiritual, así como el cariño que nos brindó en todo momento. La queremos mucho. Usted y su familia merecen todo lo mejor del mundo. Besos.

Ana P, Caracas – Venezuela


Lucy is a great professional. She was able to help me reach a deeper level of calmness and raised my level of consciousness. It was a welcomed experience.
Bob G. Houston -TX


I met with Dr Lucy Coleman on several occasions for hypnosis. Each session was amazing. She made it so easy for me to relax and go into hypnosis. She designed hypnosis sessions for me that were extremely beneficial. I found her to be a very compassionate, caring and genuine person.
Rebecca Rae, Houston -TX


My overall experience was amazing. I was able to enter a deep hypnotic state and still hear and comprehend what Lucy was saying. It was extremely relaxing. That nite during sleep i did feel more relaxed and felt like i had a very deeeeep sleep. I woke up feeling relaxed and at peace also. I wasn’t sure what to expect, to be honest, and I would say that it wasn’t what i expected. Because we were communicating with my sub conscious mind, i wasnt sure what would come out! Ha, but it was illuminating and made me think about what could be the ‘seeds’ of my imbalance. I would recomend this to others as a way to discover hidden subconscious thoughts and emotions that may be a cause for many unexplained physical / mental issues.

I am looking forward to my past life regression. I feel i have a lot going on there.
Marilyn B, State College – PA


I came to Lucy with an open-mind, seeking help with personal struggles. Although receptive to try new ways of mending old issues, I was skeptical when I learned it was hypnosis that would help me. I was unsure of what to expect, however, Lucy’s calm, kind, and well knowledgeable demeanor is relaxing and comforting knowing you’re in great hands. Aside from being nervous, the moment I noticed a sudden change was by feeling incredibly lightweight and instantly cold physically towards the end of my session. I’ve had better sleep now than I can ever remember and recently decided to throw away my pills for night terrors. I definitely recommend!!
Thanks so much again, I literally have never had better sleep in my life. Feel free to change this around if needed.

Ebony P, State College – PA


I’ve just had the most amazing life-changing experience with Lucy and her Hypnocell system. I will be having 5 more sessions but so far my life already started to twist. Her voice and the way she advised me is what I needed.

Donald L. – MO



I was dealing with grief because I lost my son two years ago. I even tried to commit suicide because life was not important or fulfilling anymore. There was nothing else left for me and I lost my friends and my husband because ir was impossible for me to overcome my feelings. Somehow I was recommended to take this programme with Hypnocell. I took Dr. Lucy’s private sessions first, I needed about 5. After the first one my life changed. Something inside of me was deeply moved and I felt as live had a new meaning. Something very deep was telling me I needed to love my life and appreciate every day I was given. I felt closer to my son, and happy because I heard his voice and knew he was happy. This really changed my life and saved me from doing more crazy stuff. Honestly, I would recommend this to anybody going through grief. Because for me it was life changing. Every time I feel sad I do my meditations, and immediately go to sleep and wake refreshed and happy. Many thanks for so much. Life is something interesting.

Vero H. – New York


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