It is remarkable the fact that parents have a strong influence on children before they are born. The fetal and infant nervous system has vast sensory and learning capabilities and a kind of memory that neuroscientists call implicit memory.


“The quality of life in the womb, our temporary home before we were born, programs our susceptibility to coronary artery disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and a multitude of other conditions in later life” writes Dr. Peter Nathanielsz (1999).


Dr. Bruce Lipton believes that environmental stimuli regulates gene activity (epigenetics), and that parents can act as genetic engineers. A child comes into this world without fear, they do not know fear or worries, they are instead filled with love and will to learn. Parents are the ones imprinting fear and blockages into their children (most times unintentionally). This children will grow and develop traumas, frustrations, blockages, that will have an incidence into their lives.

In humans the fundamental behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes we observe in our parents become “hard-wired” as synaptic pathways in our conscious minds. Once programmed into the subconscious mind, they control our biology for the rest of our lives, or at least until we make the effort to reprogram them (Dr. Bruce Lipton). Any verbal abuse will become defined as a truth that unconsciously will shape the behavior and potential of the child through life.

This will happen until age six when the conscious mind starts making the appearance.


Basically, once the child manifest any pathology, disease, or disruption in their lives, there is a chance to correct that in time before it gets too late and the message gets completely absorbed by the subconscious, and stored there for years, even forever.


Hypnocell® has a very good program for children, and consist in the access of the subconscious mind though hypnosis, allowing the message to be changed. However, this needs to be a team-work program with the parents. Once the code has been changed there is also a need for a change in the parents. For this reason Hypnocell® offers the program for children and parents involved.


Usually needs 2 sessions with each the child and the parents.

Cool little kids posing over white background
Cool little kids posing over white background

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