Hypno Yoga

In the lotus posture close up

Hypnosis during yoga is a form of meditation with guided suggestions on a heightened consciousness.

Yoga is a systematic practice to improve the body, understand the mind, and freed the spirit.

Yogis tend to be more flexible, stronger, more energetic, thinner, and more youthful than people who don’t do yoga.

And what has been reflected outside is a reflection of what’s happening inside.

With the practice you are strengthening and calming your nervous system. Your are increasing the blood flow to internal organs and bringing more oxygen to your cells.

You are clearing the mental clutter than can wreck your life, allowing you to see things more clearly.

You are cultivating the spiritual muscles in a way that can make you happier, less anxious, more at peace.


Yoga-hypnosis can be used before, during and after any yoga class.

The practice can produce an increase in pain tolerance, self-esteem and relaxation.

It is known that practicing asanas and pranayamas decrease anxiety, stress, depression, and the constant use of pain medications.

Women practising yoga in the abandoned town of Bhangarh, Alwar, Rajasthan, India, Asia

Progressive muscle relaxation enables the relaxation of every muscle group in a systematic way, starting with the muscles of the toes and moving upward. The differences between tension and relaxation will be noted.


Autogenic training uses visual imagery and body awareness to achieve relaxation. The person imagines being in a peaceful place and focuses on different physical sensations, such heaviness of the limbs or a calm heartbeat.



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