Hypnocell® uses the technique of hypnosis Cellular Releasing©, which is part of the program of the PATH foundation at the Texas Hypnosis Institute. This technique basically consist on going directly into the subconscious, through the conscious, to remember past events and memories, which are relevant to any disease, pathology, or problem the person is having in the present.


Reviving these memories, events, thoughts can be a challenge because they might bring stressful, sad, difficult, and traumatic images of what really happened in the past that is related to the present, and triggered the manifestation of disease or pathology. 


The person needs to release the cause or root, and to re-write the empty space to then fill it with positive suggestions. This way the mind won’t find out there is a gap or empty space to be again filled with negative emotions, thoughts, memories or experiences.


The key is releasing the problem, without the conscious mind’s awareness, in order to avoid the negative feelings that can control the person’s life.


Once the release is completed, then the new program is introduced into the subconscious, created with positive suggestions and self-love. Positive suggestions play a huge role in this therapy, as it completes spaces with positive thoughts, ideas and memories.


This program has been used in more than 3,000 people today with 100% success results.


Sourced: PATH Foundation for hypnosis at the Texas Hypnosis Institute.


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